Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas

This section will offer information on selected thematic areas and related topics of Economic Geography. On the menu on the right you will find information, articles, related associations, links and other sources of information on selected topics within Economic Geography.

Currently the following sections are available:

We would like to add some further categories in the near future, such as (international) migration, related themes on health, religion, and extend the current thematic areas. We started with this project in Fall 2009, so until now in many categories just basic information and a small amount of links are available, but we hope that we continuously can extend this website and offer.

Also in Fall 2009 we created a bookstore in Amazon with publications on different thematic areas within Economic Geography and Economic Development. So within each thematic area you will find the icon of the "Bookstore Economic Geography" with a direct link to the corresponding section within the bookstore. A click on the other icon, on the "Forum Economic Geography" will take you directly to the corresponding category within the forum.



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